Safety Products

Safety Products

You are looking for an elite distributor of fire safety products for one of your projects? DragonShield Services has the solution just for you with their parts and smart service.

Fire Alarm System – Parts and Programming Service

This service includes

  • Distribution of Fire Safety Products – As a proud Notifier distributor, DragonShield Services is proud to provide one of the best lines of fire safety products to their customers at competitive prices.
  • Post-Installation Service – After the fire alarm system is installed by the client’s electrician team, DragonShield Services comes to connect the fire alarm panel. The inspection team also emits the Can-ULC-537 certification following the fire alarm system inspection.

Proud Distributor of Notifier Fire Safety Products

DragonShield Services is one of the few in the industry to have access to such a good fire safety product. The Notifier line of products is made by Honeywell. Notifier is one of the world-leader in the fire alarm industry.

The company has been in the fire alarm industry for more than 60 years and has a polished, state-of-the-art fire safety product. The partnership that our business has with Notifier will be a competitive advantage for your business and will allow you to deliver one of the finest fire alarm systems to your customers.

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Fire Safety Products – Our Products

  • Fire signs – DragonShield Services has all the fire safety signs needed for multi-residential, commercial, and industrial settings to indicate to the general population and workers any fire hazards and give the proper direction in case of a fire.
  • Annunciators – The annunciator simulates what happens in the fire alarm control panel and provides fire system indicators to ensure that the system is properly functioning.
  • Notification devices – DragonShield Services has all the devices required for diverse notification devices, that are either audible, visible, or, audiovisual. Some of the different types of devices that we have are the strobes which provide visual alarms. The horn strobes provide both visual and hearing signals and the speakers provide audio signals for voice evacuation systems.
  • Heat and smoke detectors – We have heat detectors, smoke detectors, and detectors that distinguish heat and smoke. DragonShield Services also has the best detector on the market which is the addressable fire detector. This type of detector recognizes if the smoke is coming from smoke or dust accumulation.
  • Smoke alarms – Smoke alarms that have a built-in buzzer to give a warning of detection in the room where it is installed.
  • Manual station – The manual fire station allows the fire alarm system to be triggered manually, quickly, and effectively in case of a fire. With the use of a pull station, people in the building can activate the fire alarm system.
  • Modules – DragonShield Services provides several types of modules
    • Relay module – To control elevators or ventilation systems and to open building doors to give access to the building to firefighters.
    • Monitor module – Device used to monitor systems such as sprinkler systems, generator supervision module, and fire pump supervision module.
  • Accessories
    • Sampling tube for the ventilation system.
    • Cover for manual stations installed outside
  • Emergency lighting – This iconic lighting allows the people in a building to know quickly where to go and follow specific instructions in case of a fire.


The best detectors on the market are the intelligent type. This type of detector also called an addressable fire detector, can understand if it is smoke from a fire or dust accumulation.

As for the required model, the codes in force are very explicit. For example, inside a condo, the required detector will be the heat detector and smoke detector. In another setting like a locker that is not equipped with a sprinkler system, the code will require a heat detector.

In Quebec, the following codes are required when preparing a construction project

  • The Quebec Construction Code (QCC)
  • The National Building Code (NBC)
  • Municipal codes in your given city

All fire safety equipment must be certified by the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC).