How Door Access Control Systems Work?


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How Door Access Control Systems Work?

Door access control systems allow multi-residential, commercial, and institutional buildings to control passage in their buildings and other designated areas. In this article, we will explain how they work and how you can better optimize the security of your building.

In a few words, the door access control system allows people to enter closed spaces with an RFID card or a chip also known as a key tag. The information from the card is sent to the access controller which authorizes the entrance or not.

The Components of an Access Control System

  • The access controller is the brain of the operation and manages everything. The device will:
    • Detect if the door is open or not
    • Receive the information from the card reader
    • Decrypt the information from the card
    • Lock and unlock the door
    • Manage the lock and unlock schedule if needed
  • The access card is what people will use to enter the building. The code from the card is read by the reader. The access card is powered by a big antenna and a chip.
  • The reader or keypad will transmit information at a specific frequency. When a card answers, it sends information to the controller.
  • The door strike unlocks the door when powered up.
  • The door contact shows the position of the door opened or closed. It can detect if the door was opened without permission or left open.
  • The request to exit unit allows people to get out of the building without using the controller. An infrared red detector detects if people are in front of the door.

Advantages of Having a Door Access Control System


Having a door access control system increases the safety of a building. The access control system allows you to keep track of who comes and goes into the building. It also saves costs, because there is no need to have a security guard to secure the entrance of the building. In sum, it prevents unwanted entrance and theft.

Easier to Manage

Furthermore, having access cards is easier to manage than traditional keys for the building owner. The managers of the card can manage accesses at specific schedules and can grant the necessary access to different spaces with only one card. In case a card is lost, the managers of the card can deactivate the card and do not have to worry about the lost card.


In sum, the access controller will authorize the entrance or not in your building. Not only, will the door access control system will increase the security of your building, but it will also make the management of your building easier and save you some costs. With DragonShield Services, you get a turnkey service for all your security needs.

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