Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

DragonShield Services offers a turnkey fire alarm system installation service for electricians, general contractors, building owners, and developers on new construction projects. We also offer fire alarm system parts for electrician contractors who wish to complete the installation themselves.

Fire Alarm System – Installation Services for New Buildings

From start to finish, DragonShield Services takes complete charge of the installation from the design of the fire alarm system to the smoke and heat detector installation.

The Design

  • We design the fire alarm system site plans according to the level of security needed for the type and size of the construction building.
  • Prior to the start of the installation, we make sure that the proper permits are issued.

The Installation

  • Our team can execute the complete installation of fire alarm systems in new projects. We work with the highest quality standards in the industry with Notifier products, one of the best products on the market.
  • Our professional team of fire alarm technicians has the ability, expertise, and professionalism to take on complex multidisciplinary tasks. We take pride in the quality of the final product, and we work with integrity, rigor, and accountability.

Post-Installation Service

  • After completing the installation, our team connects the fire alarm system to a 24/7 monitoring station as required by the ULC-S-561 and to the central building safety system, if needed.
  • Our team also issues the Can-ULC-537 certification.
  • After the installation of the fire alarm system, DragonShield Services also offers maintenance and fire alarm inspection.

Fire Alarm System – Parts and Programming Service

As an electrical contractor, you may wish to execute the installation of the fire alarm systems. DragonShield Services offer a parts and programming service specifically for that.

This service includes:

Distribution of Exclusive Notifier Parts

  • As a proud Notifier distributor, DragonShield Services offers one of the best fire alarm system products on the market at competitive prices.

Post-Installation Service

  • After the installation is completed by the electrical contractor’s team, our team comes in to connect the panel.
  • DragonShield Services also inspects the fire alarm system to ensure that it is functional. Then, they issue the Can-ULC-537 report as required by the Construction Code in force.

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