Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire Alarm Inspection

If you are a building owner, administrator, or manager, you should do a fire alarm system inspection annually.  As a building owner, it is your duty to do an annual inspection of the complete fire alarm system to certify that it is properly working.

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DragonShield Services offers a turnkey fire alarm inspection service for all components of your security and fire protection systems. Every year, it is important to do a diligent inspection of your buildings to protect the people who find themselves there and to ensure your property in the event of an accident.

Fire alarm inspection is mandatory according to the Underwriters Laboratory of Canada (CAN-ULC-S-536-04). It is required by the competent authority ). The inspection and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, and extinguishers are produced according to the standards in force by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), recognized across Canada (NFPA-10, NFPA-20, and 25).

It is important that all fire alarm system components required in your building be inspected annually, because a mechanical or electrical component of your system may become non-functional unexpectedly during the year.

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33% of residential buildings who burn down annually do not have fire safety equipment in good working order, do not have a smoke alarm or fire alarm system. Ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec

Intelligent, efficient and properly maintained fire alarm systems make all the difference when a fire breaks out in a building.

Offered Services

  • Fire alarm inspection of all components – DragonShield Services has the competence to inspect all components from all manufacturers, including fire sprinkler systems.
  • Inspection of all components of fire sprinkler systems – DragonShield Services has the in-house expertise to inspect and repair fire suppression systems.
  • Fire extinguishers – During the fire alarm inspection, our team fills all your fire extinguishers and does the maintenance to ensure that all fire extinguishers are functional in your building.
  • Smoke detectors and heat detectors Smoke detectors in a building’s common area are connected to the fire alarm system and residents’ private quarters including bedrooms have independent smoke detectors. All building’s smoke detectors are inspected during your annual inspection.
  • Carbon monoxide inspectionCarbon monoxide detectors notify building residents of the presence of this toxic natural gas. It is primordial that carbon monoxide inspection is done annually as this by-product of burning carbon fuel can cause poisoning when inhaled by humans. DragonShield Services inspects all the carbon monoxide detectors to verify that they are functional.
  • Testing of the entire fire alarm system During the fire alarm inspection, our team of inspectors tests all the components of the fire alarm system and will note in your inspection report which components are non-functional.
  • Fire alarm system inspection reportIn order to properly ensure your building, you must have all the components of your fire alarm system inspected professionally annually. Our team issues an extensive fire alarm system inspection report as required by insurers.
  • Inspection of the vacuum detection system – In buildings with commercial units and servers, vacuum detection systems such as VESDA are often required by the insurer. Some examples of buildings that require this type of system are telecommunications companies, hospitals, universities, and buildings with big server rooms. The VESDA system precisely detects the early signs of fire and dangerous gas presence. They allow a better sampling of the protected area by the extinction system.

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Services DragonShield operates to the highest industry standards and has unparalleled expertise in the field of fire alarm inspection in Quebec. With the ability to undertake complex projects, our team has what it takes to support you in the maintenance of your fire alarm systems and more!

Our mission: To ensure the safety of the public, our clients and their assets by inspecting, installing and servicing all types of building security systems to the highest industry standards.


Fire Alarm Retrofit

Following your fire alarm inspection, your building may require a fire alarm retrofit so that your building is up to code. This means that different fire alarm components such as smoke and heat detectors may require installation.

It is important that you make the corrections to your fire alarm system if there is a deficiency in your fire alarm system.

If some of the components of your fire alarm system need a repair or if your system requires a retrofit in order to be up to code, DragonShield Services offers a complete service of fire alarm system retrofit.

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Fire suppression systems as all components of your fire alarm system should be inspected annually. You must have the fire alarm system inspection report ready for your insurer. As a building owner, it is your duty to have all fire alarm components inspected to protect your building residents.

Doing your annual fire alarm inspection with DragonShield Services allows you to detect any deficiencies in your fire alarm system and correct them quickly. If the corrections are not done, cities and local fire departments issue fines. To avoid this type of fine, contact DragonShield Services now to make sure that your building is up to code.

Annual inspection of fire alarm systems is a responsibility of property owners, but it is also a law to protect the residents of a building.

The Underwritter Laboratories of Canada (ULC) oversees the regulations for the obligations regarding building inspection requirements. This independent certification and inspection body tests products to ensure their safety. All products used by DragonShield Services are approved by the ULC.

DragonShield Services ensures that all fire alarm system installation, retrofit, and inspection are in accordance with all the competent authorities and codes that are the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, the Municipal Fire Department, National Building Code (NBC), and the National Fire Code (NFC).


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