Financing and
turkey project management

Financing and
turkey project management


If you have received an RBQ letter and have to update your building to the latest standards of fire protection, DragonShield offers homeowners and condominium associations financing options allowing you to spread the total cost of your project over several months.

* Conditions may apply

Turnkey project management

A team of multidisciplinary professionals will handle your entire project from conceptualization to execution.

Our responsibilities

  • Complete a detailed study of your needs;
  • Determine the project cost and duration;
  • Manage notices sent by the RBQ and municipal authorities;
  • Obtain necessary permits and certifications;
  • Manage timetables and deadlines;
  • Produce and distribute communiqués to tenants, employees, etc;
  • Answer questions and requests from tenants, employees, customers and/or any other groups related to the project;
  • Ensure quality of work throughout and after the project.

Your responsibility

  • Trust us.

Trusting DragonShield will allow you to focus on your usual professional and commercial activities. Refer to a single project manager for all inquiries related to the project and save time. The project details and deadlines will be outlined in the terms of our contract.

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