Our Mission

To ensure the safety of the public, of our clients and their assets by providing inspection, installation and service of all types of building security systems to the highest industry standards.

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Our Values

Professionalism – Knowing to do the right thing
We work with integrity, rigor and accountability. We do things right, even when no one is looking. The quality of our customer service is a priority.

Commitment – Proud competitors
We work with grit and intensity. We set the bar high and it is this collective energy that propels us.

Solidarity – Strength in numbers
We believe in the team. It is the complementary skills of each person that create the strength of the company.

Expertise – Working with the best
We work in accordance with the highest quality standards with an expertise recognized in the industry. We wish to transmit and further develop this expertise to our employees so that they grow with the company and actively contribute to its long-term success.

Our Day-to-day

DragonShield Services aims to maintain a dynamic corporate culture, a closeness between employees and with the management team and a strong team cohesion.

Benefits and Working Conditions

  • Competitive salaries
  • Hiring bonus based on experience
  • Internal referral program
  • Voluntary retirement savings plan (RVER)
  • Work uniforms
  • Vehicle with company colors
  • iPhone cell phone
  • Continuous training
  • Team building activities (paintball, baseball, karting, etc.)
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Corporate picture
  • Wide variety of contracts
  • And more

CCQ Jobs (Construction)

  • We pay 220 for 222 jobs (Skills card required)

Employment Outside the Decree

  • Group insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Telemedicine

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