Alarm systems and
security cameras

Alarm systems and
security cameras

A highly qualified team

Your building’s safety and its contents is DragonShield’s first priority.

To ensure a reliable and efficient emergency service at all times, we offer smart systems, interconnected that are linked to a security central.

Alarm systems and security cameras increase the security level of your building and its contents during your absence. In the case of an emergency, whether caused by theft, a fire or gas leak, the corresponding alarm system will automatically alert the authorities.

Our partner, Security Central B.P.G certified by the highest ULC instance, will watch over your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fixed or motorized camera systems on IP network

Our sophisticated surveillance camera systems allow better monitoring of the sections of your building that are most vulnerable and at risk. The integrated management and control systems makes the tasks easier for building owners.

Any of our fixed or motorized camera systems over IP, can be accessed by the mobile carrier of your choice, whether you choose a computer, a tablet and/or a smartphone.

Improve your existing monitoring system

In addition, we can upgrade existing systems by installing high quality resolution cameras (HD 1080p) on the original wiring. In most cases, replacing existing coaxial or network wiring is not necessary.

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